Credit Card Registration Now Required!

Payments at MyJPS now require that the credit card used has completed a registration process. This is a one time activity for each credit card a user desires to use. To learn more about credit card registration continue.

Credit Card Registration Explained

Credit card registration is being introduced to improve the security of MyJPS. Customers will experience greater confidence in MyJPS as we conform more closely with financial guidelines. The registration process provides a reasonable guarantee that the individual executing the transaction is an authorized user of the credit card.

The Process

Registration requires an initial transaction in the currency of the card for a random amount between 1.00 and 2.00 in value. The customer must then get the amount charged to the card by contacting their financial institution. This amount is then submitted in the confirmation phase of the card registration.

For a detailed walk through of the registration process please see the step by step guide.

How Do I Register My Credit Card Online?

Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a time limit to the registration process?
Yes. A single registration attempt must be completed within 10 days of the initial transaction.
Does this affect the Quick Pay Option
Yes. Only credit cards that have been registered to the user (identified by email address) will be allowed to make payments via quick pay.
What happens to registration transaction funds?
The registration transactions are automatically voided. This means that the charges are canceled returning the funds to the card holder. JPS never gets these funds.
Do I need to register my credit card to pay each account?
At MyJPS credit cards are registered against the MyJPS login. This means that once you have completed a registration with a login that login can pay any JPS bill using that credit card. If the user would like to use another credit card that card will have to complete its own registration.
I already did a registration at the JPS IVR, do I still need to register at MyJPS?
Yes. Currently credit card registrations at the JPS IVR and MyJPS are independent.
Is there a limit to the number of attempts I can make to confirm the registration?
Yes. You are allowed 3 attempts to confirm a single registration transaction.
How many times can I attempt to register a credit card?
There is currently no limit to how many times you can attempt to register a credit card.

For more information or support do not hesitate to contact our contact centre via email: or telephone +1 888 CALL JPS [+18882255577].

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